the first dessert I baked for my then-fiance was red velvet cake, and he was hooked...I love to cook, and my 3 daughters are following in my footsteps. This is a collection of recipes that we love. Feel free to comment - good, bad, indifferent - if you try any, let me know how they turn out.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sweet & Sour Chicken

We were at my friend Jen's house, and she made this for us. It was fantastic, super easy, and it's pretty popular on the homeschooling forum of which I'm a member. The nice thing is, you can use whatever chicken parts, plus cook it on the grill, the stove, the oven, or the crock pot! All of my kids loved it, too.

6 T each olive oil, soy sauce and honey
3 T vinegar
1 1/2 t. each thyme and paprika
1/2 t. each cayenne pepper and all spice
1 t pepper

Whisk together all ingredients except chicken. Place chicken in a baking dish. Pour sauce over top. Cover and bake.

This is good for all types of chicken. Boneless/skinless breasts or thighs, meaty chicken pieces on the bone, etc.

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